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There's a High Definition revolution going on in home entertainment! Incredibly clear pictures, theater-quality digital sound and aspect ratios that mimic commercial theatrical releases all make HD the preferred viewing format for entertainment enthusiasts! Movies, sports, and even regular TV shows all look more lifelike in High Definition! The images are so real and the sounds are so dynamic that you'll feel like you're actually a part of whatever you're watching! And getting HD has never been easier!

Time Warner Cable offers more High Definition programming than any other provider on the market today! And with their value-packed packages, you can get the most no fee HD! Using their advanced fiber network, Time Warner Cable delivers the best HD programming with the highest quality signal! Watching your favorite sports, movies and regular TV shows in HD will have you wondering why you waited so long to get it!

To help make sure you get the most out of your HD experience, Time Warner Cable offers HD-DVRs! High Definition Digital Video Recorders allow you to record regular or HD programming simply by pressing a few buttons on the onscreen guide! You can record individual shows or entire seasons of programming automatically and in full digital quality! Once your shows are recorded, you can enjoy them whenever it's convenient for you, you can even watch them as many times as you like!

The DVR also gives you greater control over how you watch live television! You can use the DVR while watching live TV to pause, rewind or fast forward live broadcasts! And if you have to leave in the middle of a show or game, you can easily record the rest of the program to watch later! With Time Warner Cable and a DVR, you'll get more out of your viewing experience than you've ever imagined!

For all of your online needs, Time Warner Cable offers Internet service! Downloading files, checking email, or just surfing the net will be faster and less stressful with the high speed, always-on connection that Time Warner Cable Internet offers! All of your online work and play will go faster and smoother once you have a fast, reliable connection from Time Warner Cable!

You can even get home telephone service from Time Warner Cable! Home Phone service from Time Warner Cable provides crystal clear digital call quality, over a dozen calling features, and unlimited local and long distance calling for one low monthly rate! International plans are also available at huge savings!

Time Warner Cable offers great deals on all of the services your family wants and needs! Call or go online today to find out about the great specials available in your area!