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  • Faster Internet
  • Unlimited phone
  • 1-hour arrival windows
Epix Included with Bundle
Preferred Triple Play
$109.99 a mo. for 12 mos.
Preferred Bundle Premium Channel Offer
Starz + Epix included for 12 months
Preferred Triple Play
$119.99 a mo. for 12 mos.
Preferred Package Premium TV Channel Deals
Pick HBO, Starz or Showtime for 12 Months
Ultimate Triple Play
$129.99 a month for 12 mos.
Premium Channel Package
Choose your Premium FREE for 12 months!

Time Warner Cable® Package Deals

Those who are in the market for new telephone, internet and cable services may think that once they have tried one set of services they have tried them all. With its rich and state-of-the-art features, Time Warner Cable is sure to prove them wrong. Get the Best Package Deals!

Time Warner Cable is best known for its cable services and rightly so. Time Warner Cable service is the best on the market. All Time Warner Cable customers have access to free HD channels. Its full-featured DVRs are capable of recording both HD and standard cable channels. Time Warner Cable also provides advanced features including Enhanced-TV menus, a vertical and horizontally scrolling, easily searchable and navigation screen, flexible and precise parental controls.

The navigation screen is customizable, so customers can make sure their favorite channels appear in their TV listings before all others. Time Warner Cable's search is one of the most thorough on the market, allowing customers to search not only by keyword and time, but by genre as well. Parental controls, meanwhile can block shows based on time, content and rating.

Time Warner Cable also offers exclusive features that no other cable company can provide. One of the most interesting exclusive features is the "Start Over" feature which allows customers who tune into a live show late to start the show at the beginning. What is even better is that Time Warner Cable allows customers to watch shows that aired up to three days beforehand for free.

Time Warner Cable Television subscribers who also subscribe to Time Warner Cable's high-speed internet service can take advantage of the company's exclusive Photoshow TV channel and can share their own pictures and videos with loved ones on a dedicated On Demand channel. Find Great Deals on Cable!

Customers who have both Time Warner Cable TV service and one of Time Warner Cable's phone packages can receive Caller ID and Call-Received ID straight on their television screens. Even billing is easy with Time Warner Cable, which allows customers to view and pay their bills right from their TV sets.

Sports fans will be glad to know that Time Warner Cable includes ESPN 3, which means that those who also subscribe to the company's high-speed internet service will be able to access over 3,500 sports videos and live events from their Xbox 360 gaming consoles as well as their televisions. Learn more about Time Warner Cable Sports Programming!

Time Warner Cable's Internet service is also impressive, with fiber-optic service available in most areas. This means that internet speeds are a great deal faster than either standard cable or DSL speeds. Customers can also choose the company's 'Powerboost' service which makes downloads even faster. Parents can rest easy when their children use Time Warner Cable's Time Warner Cable Internet services, because they come with parental controls that allow parents to limit what their children can or cannot see. The service also comes with a free Internet Security Suite.

Home Phone from Time Warner Cable is also feature rich. Customers receive unlimited long-distance calls within the United States, have access to voice mail and can view their call histories. Voicezone allows customers to managed and view their phone service online.

Those who make a lot of International calls can choose to use International OnePrice, which grants them 1,000 minutes a month to 100 different countries from under $20. Second-lines are also available to purchase from Time Warner Cable. All three services are cheaper when bundled together. Time Warner Cable offers unmatched telephone, internet and cable services that are sure to please.