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  • More HD channels
  • Faster Internet
  • Unlimited phone
  • 1-hour arrival windows
  • 200+ Digital Channels
  • Up to 100 HD Channels Included
  • Watch Local Broadcast Cable and Sports Networks in HD
  • FREE OnDemand - Over 10,000 movies and TV shows per month.
  • Internet Security Software, Anti-Spam, Antivirus, & Firewall Protection Included
  • Internet Speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • Download files, video. music, and more!
  • Works with Existing Phone and Jacks
  • Keep the Same Phone Number
  • No Additional Equipment to Buy
  • Reliable, Unlimited Calling in US, Canada, & Puerto Rico

Time Warner Cable Internet Packages

The Security You Deserve from Time Warner Cable

When you go online, you don’t need to spend your time worrying about the dangers from internet threats lurking around seeking to destroy your files, hard drive, or steal your identity.  You need to be able to enjoy that time, feeling secure and leaving the safety issues to someone else so you can get down to business. Well, this must be your lucky day because Time Warner Cable has partnered up with the granddaddy of internet security, McAfee® security software, to make sure customers can surf, shop, socialize and get their work done online worry-free. McAfee offers real-time scanning and is loaded with tools to protect your devices like antivirus, anti-malware, firewalls, and safeguards to keep hackers at arms length so they can’t harm your important files. Added security involves applications to scan for virus activity in your email and attachments that you send and receive, monitors instant messages and attachments to analyze them for potential threats, and performs automatic scans of your entire system several times a week. Your kids are safe too as all ages are protected from inappropriate content, social networking risks, and other online threats.  You and your kids are safe to do the things you love to do online.

You Have to Have an Email Account or Two or Three

There’s never a need to tie up your phone line and dial up a connection when you choose Time Warner Cable Internet for your provider of choice and the “always on” connection that provides the ultimate email application with superfast download times and speeds for downloading those attachments. Customers are equipped with 8 personal email addresses with each having 10MB of email storage per address.  That’s huge! Every member of the house can set up their own email address instead of having to share. Have you told your friends that with Time Warner Cable email, you can retrieve you home phone voicemail in your email? It’s true! Customers can also take advantage of fabulous features like the free site builder for your webpage, photo center full of handy tools, and the music application for all your favorite tunes. Just so you’ll know, your email also has antiviral protection so email away and let Time Warner Cable Internet take care of you while you stay in touch with all your friends and family through your email account.

Rest Assured, Your Kids Are Safe!

You don’t have to lock the door and throw away the key to keep your children safe from online threats. There’s a whole world of resources that are useful for kids to be able to access online, but when the work is done and the fun time begins, that is the time when you have to worry about their safety. With the click of a mouse children can meet up with other cultures, games, chat, and get into trouble all at the same time. Not any more! The internal Parental Controls offered with the McAfee Family Protection takes care of your family security when they go online. Time Warner Cable Internet gives you the power and the tools to protect your children from offensive websites, manage the time they spend online, prevent contact with strangers, and block objectionable videos and attachments. Time Warner Cable Internet offers the assurance you need for the protection you deserve.