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Time Warner Cable Digital Cable is your answer for quality home entertainment. They can provide you with excellent, reliable service through their Advanced Optics Network. With this network and a large selection of channels and other digital features, Time Warner Cable has everything you need for an exciting home programming package.

Time Warner Cable Digital Cable has more than 200 channels for you to choose from, with digital features that let you make the most out of everything you are paying for. Special Cable Offers!

You can use the DVR to watch your favorite programs on your time. The DVR is a digital video recorder that can record the programming you would miss while you are at work or school.

A DVR or HD-DVR can record your sports, day time dramas, night time series or your movies, children's programming and more. When you get home from the daily grind, you can put your feet up and relax with your favorite actors, all on your time.

With a standard DVR you can record up to 45 hours of normal programming. With an HD-DVR, you can get up to 300 hours of standard programming and up to 60 hours of HD programming.

This means that you have enough room to record your large selection of FREE HD channels, or the shows that only appear in regular programming. You can watch an entire series without one rerun, or watch recorded programming while you are recording on multiple channels.

The DVR makes it easy to get the programming you are paying for, with even more control than regular TV has to offer. The DVR can rewind, fast forward and pause through your recorded programming to give you absolute control over what you watch and when.

The same feature works for the programming that Time Warner Cable makes available through the On Demand and Pay Per View menus. These menus make sure you never have to be bored or lost for something to watch.

On Demand is a digital library, available at the press of a button, offering thousands of viewing selections instantly. You can get your children's programming, sports shows, music videos, night time dramas and more, all within reach of your fingertips. This programming is there for you anytime you want to watch it, day or night- for free. On Demand is also a great source for new movie releases. You can get the best that Hollywood has to offer, without waiting in line or paying the expensive movie theater prices.

Pay Per View is another great service offered through Time Warner Cable Digital Cable. These selections are live events that put you front row and center with your favorite athletes and fighters. You can get the full benefit of instant replays with the DVR function that even works with your live programming.

If you need more than just great cable, you can get the Time Warner Cable Internet Service, offering incredibly fast surfing and downloading speeds. These speeds are enough to download even the largest files in seconds, so you get the HD movies, music, online games and other entertainment you want.

This service comes with free security software that helps you safeguard against viruses, spyware, bots, and other malicious programming that can cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. You can get the security measures that you need to help protect your personal information from Identity Theft.

You can also get digital home phone service you need with the Time Warner Cable Home Phone Service. This service gives you the calling features and unlimited calling you need for staying in touch with friends and family all over the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

This service can get you the calling features you need, like call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, call return and more, with up to ten features in all.

Time Warner Cable has all the features and services you need for a quality home entertainment experience.