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Are you sick of paying high prices for phone and internet? You know the kind of service I'm talking about, the kind that when you pick up your phone to make a call, you hear static and interference on the line. The kind of internet service that is called "high speed" but when you get online and try to stream a movie or watch video clips from the local news channel, it freezes up and spends more time buffering then you want to spend waiting. If this sounds like the phone and internet you've been paying for, then now's the time to switch to Time Warner Cable!

Did you know that with Time Warner Cable, you can bundle everything into one easy to understand bill? You can have both Home Phone and Internet PLUS digital TV all in one package for one low price! Chances are that Time Warner Cable will have a package for you that will include more services then you're currently getting from your local phone company for less then you're paying today!

When you sign up for Home Phone service though Time Warner Cable, you can keep your phone number! That's right, Time Warner Cable can transfer your current number over to digital service if you want to keep the number that you have right now. With digital phone service, you'll never deal with interference on the line again. Imagine calling friends and family and hearing them, not static and interference.

With Time Warner Cable's Home Phone service, you won't pay all of those little fees that add up fast on your phone bill. You pay your monthly fee plus local and state taxes. That's it! Plus you'll still enjoy all of the calling features that you've grown accustomed to such as caller ID, call waiting, speed dial and 3 way calling. You'll also have caller ID displayed on your TV in the top left corner so you can decide if you want to answer it or not, all from the comfort of your recliner. Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service is so easy and so reliable; why not make the switch today?

When you pay for high speed internet, don't you expect to receive high speed internet service? When you order your Internet from Time Warner Cable, you choose the right speed for you. No more sitting and watching movies buffer when you want to watch a movie. You can download your favorite music and photos at super fast internet speeds.

When you sign up for Time Warner Cable Internet, you'll also enjoy the benefit of between 5 and 30 email accounts (depending on your plan), so you can let everyone in your family have their own email. You'll also receive anti-spam, antivirus, pop-up blocker, anti-spyware and firewall protection all for free. That's right, all of this internet security software at no extra charge to you. You'll also be able to enjoy instant messaging with your friends on Messenger Service. Plus with Time Warner Cable High Speed Internet you'll have the benefit of CNN News Pass where you can enjoy up to 30 new videos everyday along with NASCAR TrackPass where you can catch all of the action during and after the races!

There's never been a better time to sign up for Time Warner Cable's Digital Cable! When you sign up for digital TV with Time Warner Cable, you can bundle it together with Internet or Home Phone or even both for a great deal and a great price for everything! With Time Warner Cable you'll never pay extra fees for HD TV and you'll get more On Demand choices then you'll ever get with satellite TV!

Digital TV offers interference free television watching with no extra equipment to buy. You can also enjoy watching all of your local, cable and sports networks in HD. With Time Warner Cable you can add HDTV, Movies and HD Moves On Demand and you'll never have to miss your favorite TV show again with a DVR. You can set it to record your favorite shows and then watch them when it's convenient for you. You'll also have full control over what your children watch. Sign up for Cable Bundles and save today.