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  • More HD channels
  • Faster Internet
  • Unlimited phone
  • 1-hour arrival windows
  • 200+ Digital Channels
  • Up to 100 HD Channels Included
  • Watch Local Broadcast Cable and Sports Networks in HD
  • FREE OnDemand - Over 10,000 movies and TV shows per month.
  • Internet Security Software, Anti-Spam, Antivirus, & Firewall Protection Included
  • Internet Speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • Download files, video. music, and more!
  • Works with Existing Phone and Jacks
  • Keep the Same Phone Number
  • No Additional Equipment to Buy
  • Reliable, Unlimited Calling in US, Canada, & Puerto Rico

Time Warner Cable TV w/ DVR Service

Start a Movie Store at Your House With DVR Technology

The next time you are trying to figure out how to see the programs you want to see from the gazillion movies and shows that the Time Warner Cable TV lineup offers, look into the components that Time Warner Cable TV has to offer in order to set your desires in motion. You never have to be one of those people trying to figure out how to juggle your schedule around the Time Warner Cable schedule to be able to watch the high quality programs you really want to view with DVR technology.  Enjoy the latest interactive high definition experience in home entertainment on your schedule.

Here you go, get your DVR education here.  There are two types of DVR’s. There’s the DVR and the HD DVR. Customers can record in standard definition or high definition depending on which DVR they have. With a DVR, customers can enjoy the convenience of pausing a program for up to one hour and then fast forward all the way to the live program.

There’s also the capability to record one show and watch another, as well as store 80 hours of SD programming for later viewing.  The really cool thing here is customers can store these programs on the DVR hard drive and watch them over and over, watch and delete them, or keep all the favorites for months to create their very own library of movies and shows to have on hand.

Now that you have learned about how the DVR works, and understand its benefits and capabilities, there’s only a few differences with the HD DVR. Storage capability is the first major difference and the type of program recording ability is the other.  An HD DVR can store up to 75 hours of HD programming and even more standard definition.  Picture quality and sound will be preserved with the recording.  Record up to two shows at the same time, and with Whole House HD DVR playbacks are easy to watch from any room in the house.  So get started creating your own movie store with the help of the hard drive storage space on your HD DVR.

If you like to have what you want when you want it, then get your HD DVR to working for you so that your TV programs are sitting there waiting for you when you get home from work.  It your time to do what you want to do so record multiple shows, complete series of your favorite sitcoms or action shows, or make sure you catch every play of every game of the NBA playoffs with a Time Warner Cable TV HD DVR. You won’t ever miss another minute of the things you want to see when it is your time to relax on the sofa, and the good part is in knowing you get the same brilliant color, crisp images, and spectacular audio of the original HD programming on your HD DVR.

When convenience is in your blood, you have high expectations in the things you like in your life. When Time Warner Cable designs platforms to introduce to its millions of customers, they keep several things in mind, convenience, cost to the customer, and enhanced service. The ability to manage your DVR no matter where you are fits right into that model. Search for and set recordings from home or use the technology available to you by setting up your recordings remotely from your PC or Smartphone. Set them up at work and watch them when you get home. That’s convenience beyond its years. All it takes is a few minutes to sign up for an online account then start managing your HD DVR settings from anywhere you have internet access. Start creating your movie store today.