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Time Warner Cable can provide you with all three services needed for the best home entertainment today. Television, Internet and Home Phone is a must for most homes today, so why not get it from the best provider of them all? Have you ever been frustrated by Internet with slow speeds, unstable phone-lines or nothing to watch on TV?

Wouldn't it be great to find one provider that could give you the best of all three services at a great price and adding excellent customer service? Would you like to join thousands of happy customers at Time Warner Cable? There's no need to wait anymore. Keep reading and you'll see why joining Time Warner Cable is one of the best things you can do for your family's access to home entertainment.

With the digital cable TV service you're getting a lot more than just regular cable. Time Warner Cable has taken the television experience to a new level offering technology that only a few years back seemed completely impossible. The future is here! With High Definition television you're getting options you've never had before. Crystal clear sound and picture are the two biggest benefits. You'll be happy to know that a lot of your favorite channels are available in this format.

But the television experience is more than just HD and many channels. You're getting many extra features and services that the entire family can benefit from. The on screen guide has a menu system that makes it fun to browse for shows to watch. Several interactive features can be unlocked if wanted. The Parental Controls feature will give you peace of mind by blocking unwanted content.

No need to buy any extra equipment, and a Digital Video Recorder is included. With this box you'll be able to easily schedule recordings of your favorite shows, even if you're not at home. This helps you to not have to miss your favorite shows ever again!

The On Demand feature gives you instant access to a huge digital library of content 24/7.

For your Internet pleasure, Time Warner Cable offers the Time Warner Cable Internet service. Internet download speeds start at 2 Mbps for light internet use like emailing and social networking, and go up to the Ultimate speeds of 50 Mbps for online gaming and streaming HD movies online. All speeds are a huge upgrade over residential DSL. Being online on several computers, streaming online content, large file downloads, shopping and everything you do on the Internet will get a large boost indeed. Your Internet connection is quick, stable and safe.

The included Internet Security Suite provides protection from online threats such as viruses, spam, pop-ups and includes both a firewall and parental controls! You can set up email accounts for every member of the family and access a variety of extra content online. It's all available to you from Time Warner Cable. Click or call for the Best Promotions!

To make daily phone calls, the company can now provide a state of the art digital phone service. No more bad lines or high bills. Call domestic and internationally with a great calling plan that will cut your costs. Use your current telephone set and get many extra features for free, like Caller ID, 3-way calling, call waiting, speed dial and more. Stay in touch with family and friends the easy way.

Time Warner Cable sure has made the decision easy for you. Order one or more of these features to get it all in one bill and maximize your savings. It's a lot easier to get a good overview once you have only one provider to deal with. Take the step today! Check the availability for your area online, or call the Toll-Free phone number. Time Warner Cable wants more happy customers and you could be one of them!