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Bringing Home Entertainment to You – Time Warner Cable Alabama

Cable TV has never been as abundant as it is now with Alabama Time Warner Cable.  So many features and so little time, it is hard to even get around to using them all.  There’s just no way to watch the 10,000 On Demand movies and TV shows that are offered every month, or even find the time to see all the hit TV shows from your favorite networks including CBS, NBC, USA, and FX with Primetime On Demand.  Learn more about Time Warner Cable Alabama here!

Years ago it used to be common for retailers to offer free things to gain customers, but now that is almost a thing of the past. Even if you do see a free offer, you have to buy something first to get the free item.  Now hear this - Time Warner Cable AL includes On Demand and most of the titles are free to watch at your convenience.

Get access to free shows including kids, music, original series, specials and exclusive extras from some of your favorite channels like Music Choice, Exercise TV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and more.  What’s more, if you subscribe to HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, or The Movie Channel, you get the corresponding On Demand Premium Channel for free.  There you go, there’s that free thing again!

Tired of waiting on your music to download with DSL? Never fear, Alabama Time Warner Cable is here and is bringing Internet with higher speed options to resolve your issues with download speed. You’ll never spend more time waiting on your music to download than listening to it again!

Internet is so much faster than DSL and having up to 50 Mbps download speeds you won’t believe your ears you’ll be enjoying your favorite tunes so fast! This boost of power for download speeds was not just designed for music files, it is also beneficial when streaming movies online or internet game playing.  Because so many online activities require extra speed to be able to use them, Time Warner Cable Alabama went to work to find the answer customers need – Fast!

Don’t get bogged down with the old phone companies and the high-cost service they give you.  You pay a separate fee for every calling feature you choose and there is always a charge for unlimited long distance, plus your regular monthly service bill, not to mention a monthly statement that is impossible to understand! With Digital Home Phone from Time Warner Cable AL, you do not have to take it any more. 

When it comes to Caller ID, Call waiting, and all the other popular features offered, they all come with your monthly service. You will really love the benefit of Caller ID that shows up on your TV screen so you don’t have to stop watching your favorite program or live sporting event unless the call is coming from someone you really would like to talk to.  

As far as long distance, there is never a charge for that either when you call within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Call any time of the day or night and talk as long as you want to.  So stop fretting over that high cost complicated bill from your old phone company and let Alabama Time Warner Cable Home Phone bill your reasonable monthly statement on a single bill that you can easily read.

Isn’t it time you started to enjoy the most reliable and efficient cable TV, high speed internet, and home telephone services on the market, all for one low monthly cost and on a single bill that you can understand?  Time Warner Cable AL, gives the most advanced equipment and services and have been doing home entertainment the right way for millions of customers that expect high quality television, fast reliable internet access, and crystal clear digital home phone for an eternity.

You can have a couple or all three in the bundle of your choice.  After you experience the high quality service of all three of these dominant services over an Advanced Fiber Network, you’re going to ask yourself how you ever survived with out it! Alabama Time Warner Cable Bundles can save you money!