Time Warner Cable Deals

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  • More HD channels
  • Faster Internet
  • Unlimited phone
  • 1-hour arrival windows

  • 200+ Digital Channels
  • Up to 100 HD Channels Included
  • On Demand Included - Over 10,000 movies and TV shows available per month and most are FREE
  • Internet Security Software, Anti-Spam, Antivirus, & Firewall Protection Included
  • Internet Speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • Download files, video. music, and more!
  • Works with Existing Phone and Jacks
  • Keep the Same Phone Number
  • No Additional Equipment to Buy
  • Reliable, Unlimited Calling in US, Canada, & Puerto Rico

Time Warner Cable TV, Home Phone and Internet Packages

Complimentary DVR from Time Warner Cable TV

Having to run the kids here and there, working, grocery shopping and a hundred other things to do on a daily basis, it is really hard to find the time to fit everything into your schedule these days.  It is especially hard to find time to see all your favorite shows or college basketball games that you really don’t want to miss this time of year. It is also difficult to get the kids off the TV so you can catch up on the evening news. Time Warner Cable TV has an answer for your scheduling needs by offering a free DVR, with many of the TV packages. 

You never have to juggle your activities or job again since you can push a single button on your TV remote and set up a recording of the show that you don’t want to miss until you can fit some time into your busy schedule to watch it.  If the phone starts ringing right in the middle of the show, then pause it and resume it when you are finished, or let it play while you are on the phone then rewind it to where it was before the phone rang. 

The DVR can even record two shows at the same time while the kids are watching another. So don’t fret over missing out on the news, a ballgame, or any other show, your complimentary DVR from Time Warner Cable TV will let you see what you want to see whenever you have time to see it.

Staying Safe with Time Warner Cable Internet

All sorts of dangers exist on the internet for children and adults alike whether it is predators with ill intent seeking to make contact with a member of your family or some kind of intrusion to your computer that can cause damage to it.  No one knows this better than Time Warner Cable when providing Internet service to their family of customers. Striving to keep their users safe, Time Warner Cable Internet has implemented security software with updates, virus scan, spam protection, and firewall capability, as well as online support, available for download.

Customers receive these valuable features without any additional fees. Time Warner Cable takes it one step further to ensure the safety of its users.  An online program is available designed specifically to educate parents and their children about Internet safety. While data transfer rates and speed are important facets of Internet and their need is essential to users, it is equally important to impose safety precautionary measures where needed. One can never take Parental Control too lightly.

Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone Yours for the Asking

If you will only compare Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone to your current phone company, you won’t believe how much difference there is!  Home Phone has clarity like you have never experienced because your phone signal is received over an Advanced Fiber Network instead of the wires that your current phone uses. It also comes with a broad range of useful calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Rejection, and Speed Dial just to name a few, included with your service.

When you compare these to your phone provider, you will notice a huge difference since you have to pay them for every one of these features individually! You can stop buying phones with answering machines because you won’t need them if you add voicemail for about 13 cents a day. It is so much easier to use and you never have to waste your money on buying any other equipment to make it work since you can use the same phones and jacks that you use with your old phone company.  Something really nice is that you can usually keep your number the same as it is now and there are no contracts to sign. 

Time Warner Cable was Born to Bundle

Postage Stamps are going up again and it is extremely burdensome to have to write out a bunch of checks every month to pay the bills.  It would be much easier to have Cable TV, Internet, and Home Phone from Time Warner Cable services in one package and on one convenient and easy to understand bill. This way you can write one check for all services, or conveniently pay your bill on line as well.  More importantly, you can enjoy all the exciting things that Time Warner Cable TV has worked so hard to bring to you for the ultimate in home entertainment.  A plan exists that fits every need and every budget whether it is a current bundle or a customized one just for you. Save with a Time Warner Cable Digital Services Bundle!